Ever wonder how many waterparks there are in the United States? Sounds like a simple question, but the answer is surprisingly elusive. Most sources want to talk about size (the biggest waterpark in square footage!) or attendance (the most visitors this year!) or regions (waterparks in North America!).

OK, but how many waterparks are there in the good ol’ USA?

A swing by Wikipedia yields a number that’s unbelievably low. But Hotel & Leisure Advisors, LLC, is on top of the statistics: As of February 2016, H&LA places the number of U.S. waterparks – outdoor and indoor – at an impressive 996.

As long as we’re talking numbers, here’s another one of interest: TripAdvisor has put together a slide show titled “The Top 25 U.S. Waterparks,” featuring the winners of TA’s Travelers Choice Awards.

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