The people behind at least three new proposals are hoping.the public has the power to drive waterpark development. Social media and crowdfunding platforms are playing a key role in the development of these projects in the United States and Canada.

In Mobile, Ala., local resident Tammie McCall has put forth a proposal to convert the Civic Center into a waterpark, bringing more family friendly entertainment to the area. She created the A Waterpark for Mobile Facebook page last month, and already it has attracted more than 7,000 likes.Local media outlets, including and WPMI NBC 15, are following McCall's efforts, and now she's started an online petition asking city officials to consider the idea and conduct a feasibility study.

Alan Taylor has kicked off a similar campaign In Northern N.Y. His project is a sizeable indoor/outdoor waterpark and he's also building community support on Facebook and a crowndfunding campaign via

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada will have a new inflatable waterpark next summer, if Alex Campbell has anything to say about it. The Whistler Water Park Facebook page has more than 880 likes, and Campbell told a local news source recently that a proposal for the project has officially been filed with community officials.