Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones may feel at home in a pool now, but that wasn't always the case. As a five-year-old child, he had a near-death experience at a Pennsylvania waterpark that would shape the rest of his life. Jones found himself trapped under an inner tube after exiting a water slide ride. He was submerged for around 30 seconds, lost consciousness, and had to be revived by park staff.

The incident led to his parents signing him up for swimming lessons, which paved the way to an athletic career. He's also passionate about promoting water safety and teaching children how to swim. Jones is a leading spokesman for the USA Swimming Foundation’s “Make a Splash” initiative, an organization focused on providing swimming lessons for children.

The 2016 Games will mark the 32-year-old's third Olympics swimming for Team USA. Jones holds two gold and two silver medals and hopes to return from Rio do Janeiro with more.

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