It was the site of the infamous green pool. Now Rio de Janeiro has another Olympic-sized embarrassment on its hands.

Heartbreaking photos have surfaced over the weekend showing how the venue that hosted competitive swimming and water polo for the 2016 Summer Olympics has fallen into disrepair.

The Olympic Aquatics Centre at the Barra Olympic Park sits abandoned and vandalized – the warm-up pool a muddy orange mess after months of neglect. Ceilings are caving in and artistic panels that adorned the façade appear wind-whipped and tattered.

Touted as an architectural gem, the $50 million temporary structure was supposed to have been dismantled and repurposed for other communities to enjoy sometime after the Games.

But those plans are in doubt.

According to the “The plan to break down the Olympic Aquatic Centre into two community pools was always clouded by the long-term timeframe of the project within Brazil’s fragile political environment and ongoing financial struggles.”

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