Other stories by Aquatics International Staff

  • Ultraviolet Sanitation

    Chlorine has always been the gold standard in pool sanitation, but in the past several years, a supplemental option has entered the mainstream.

  • Pool and Spa Safety Act

    Early this year, President George W. Bush signed the first-ever federal pool and spa safety legislation — the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act. And experts agree that more federally mandated legislation of its kind is bound to follow.

  • Pool Technology

    Thanks to recent technological advances, pools have undergone some pretty impressive changes in the past 20 years.

  • Aquatic Exercise

    Since ancient times, water has been associated with exercise and good health, but in the past two decades aquatic exercise — including aqua aerobics, deep-water running, shallow-water kickboxing, ai chi and various forms of strength training — has come of

  • Americans With Disabilities Act

    In 1990, just two years after the birth of Aquatics International, the federal government passed the sweeping Americans With Disabilities Act, prohibiting discrimination based on certain physical or developmental limitations.

  • New Lifeguarding Strategies

    Lifeguarding has been a mainstay in the industry for decades, but the past 20 years have brought about some significant changes in the way these individuals do their job.

  • The Next 20 Years

    It is my sincere hope that at least one major advance will involve a modification of lifeguard training regimens, in accordance with solid scientific evidence and research — as opposed to the current reliance on past practice, trial and error, opinion...

  • Sprayparks

    Neighborhood parks across the United States have taken on a new look in recent years. With the addition of “splashpads,” parks, as well as other nonaquatic settings, including zoos and shopping centers, now provide water-based recreation for young visitor...

  • Swim Training Advances

    Highlighted by the Olympics, countless swimming world records have been broken so far this year.

  • Title IX

    How many women are on your staff? According to a 2008 Aquatics International Salary Survey, male and female head lifeguards and supervisors are nearly equal in number.