Other stories by Craig Stuart

  • Coordinated Response

    Regardless of our age or ability, the most essential physical skills we need are balance and coordination.

  • Noodle Know-How

    Noodles have become as commonplace as kickboards and pull buoys

  • Noodle Know-How

  • Stable Moves

    Stability training teaches the body to stabilize muscles to provide dynamic joint balance and balanced posture during functional exercise.

  • Saving Grace

    Balance is the basic skill needed for walking, running and virtually all sports

  • Guidelines for Saving Grace

    Maintaining a neutral spine and pelvis, stand upright and shift your weight to support yourself on your right leg

  • Core Strength

    Core training has become a popular exercise focus in group exercise programming.

  • Four Guidelines for Core Training

    1.Train the core muscles in a primarily lengthened position, moving from stability to mobility.

  • Going Deep

    Deep-water exercise has been well-documented as a viable alternative to shallow-water and land-based fitness training.