Other stories by Erika Taylor

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    Erika Taylor bids farewell to Aquatics International in her final editor's column before resigning from her post.

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    Using a lot of creativity, management found ways of motivating minimum wage workers

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    If you find yourself training a young person, take time to think about how the information should be conveyed

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    It’s imperative that facilities and waterparks get more content online

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    I wish there were more words to describe the amazing effect that aquatics has on individuals, families and communities

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    An important area of aquatics often is neglected

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    Be sure to check out Aquatics International's first digital edition.

  • Introducing Aquatics International Digital Editions

    This year Aquatics International will for the first time have four digital editions

  • Rudy!

    Rudy Garcia-Tolson, an inspirational Paralympic swimmer, is the perfect keynoter for Aquatics International's virtual conference Nov. 5, 2013.

  • Aquatics Headlines A Sign of Our Times

    Are people being treated more unfairly at public pools or is it reported on more often?