Other stories by Gary Thill

  • State of the Industry: HMAC

    Why HMAC aquatics facilities are giving the industry a bad name and what can be done to change it

  • Save Yourself

    There’s a great scene in the movie “As Good as it Gets” in which a neurotic Jack Nicholson pours his heart out, only to then attack the person offering help.

  • Do You Matter?

    Sometimes, sitting at my desk, I start to wonder if what I do really matters.

  • Access for All

    With the recent spate of government regulations and codes — VGB, ADA, MAHC, ISPSC — the aquatics industry has just about had it with the feds.

  • Science Fiction 

    I’m what you might call a science geek. I DVR’d the entire Fabric of the Cosmos series on “Nova.

  • Come Together

    Typically, journalists are skeptics by nature

  • Work With Red Cross

    The American Red Cross has been put through the wringer in the past few months for its initial decision to change — and, in many cases, dramatically raise — pricing for its learn-to-swim programs

  • Worth 1,000 Words

    Turns out what they say about pictures is true

  • Four for the Future

    Last year, I went out on a limb and made predictions about important trends that would shape 2011 for aquatics.

  • End the Cliffhangers

    What is it about the federal government and its determination to throw aquatics a curveball just prior to the opening weekend of swim season? Last year, it was the confounding, confusing recall of drain covers that forced many facilities to remain closed and cost the industry still more money to...