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    Using these policies and procedures will help centers confidently protect themselves

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    The waterpark operator is making good with its debtors and is back on track to open this summer.

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    Why HMAC aquatics facilities are giving the industry a bad name and what can be done to change it

  • Save Yourself

    There’s a great scene in the movie “As Good as it Gets” in which a neurotic Jack Nicholson pours his heart out, only to then attack the person offering help.

  • Do You Matter?

    Sometimes, sitting at my desk, I start to wonder if what I do really matters.

  • Access for All

    With the recent spate of government regulations and codes — VGB, ADA, MAHC, ISPSC — the aquatics industry has just about had it with the feds.

  • Science Fiction 

    I’m what you might call a science geek. I DVR’d the entire Fabric of the Cosmos series on “Nova.

  • Come Together

    Typically, journalists are skeptics by nature

  • Work With Red Cross

    The American Red Cross has been put through the wringer in the past few months for its initial decision to change — and, in many cases, dramatically raise — pricing for its learn-to-swim programs