Other stories by Gary Thill

  • The More Things Change

    Love the New Year! It?s our annual chance to start fresh

  • The More Things Change...

    love the New Year! It?s our annual chance to start fresh. Make our resolutions. And implement all those changes we?ve been meaning to make for so long.

  • Two Sides of Twenty

    Remember being 20? For me it was (gulp) nearly 20 years ago.

  • Thinking About Tomorrow

    As our magazine cover proclaims, this issue is all about dreams — big dreams.

  • Teachable Moments

    There’s nothing like a little pain to give you clarity.

  • On the Record

    One of the trickiest things about journalism is the off-the-record conversation.

  • Union Now!

    I’ve used many of these columns to advocate for lifeguard pay

  • In Tribute to Jules Field

    There are people you meet in life who make an indelible impression, who change the way you look at yourself and your world. For me, Jules Field was one of those people.

  • Hidden Powers

    Dec. 19, 2007, is a day that will go down in the annals of aquatics history

  • Same Old Story

    The particulars are different, but the story is the same. Manufacturers eager for a sale underplay, or simply don’t comprehend, the inherent dangers of the product they are selling.