Other stories by Gary Thill

  • Same Old Story

    The particulars are different, but the story is the same. Manufacturers eager for a sale underplay, or simply don’t comprehend, the inherent dangers of the product they are selling.

  • Fresh Starts

    Ah, the new year. A time when we can all start fresh with resolutions to improve.

  • Who's Got Your Back?

    I make mistakes.

  • Letting Down My Guard

    In my four-plus years as editor, I’ve seen numerous stories about children who drown.

  • Success and Safety

    Sometimes an issue of the magazine develops an unintended theme.

  • Talkin' About an Evolution

    You hold in your hands the product of evolution. Like all evolutions, this one started out simple, the conceptual equivalent of a gelatinous, single-celled organism.

  • It's in the Water

    Some time ago, I wrenched my back just before a big trip. As the physical therapist mercilessly ground her fist into my lower back, she warned me that long airplane trips would stiffen my spine significantly and that I should prepare for more pain. Though

  • And the Winner Is...

    Since getting to know so many of you as editor of this magazine, I have been unendingly impressed with the level of caring, professionalism and passion you put into your work and the advancement of aquatics.

  • Labors of Love

    At my very first journalism class, the professor put it in plain terms: Anyone who wanted to make money was in the wrong major.

  • Winning Outlook

    When you work for a municipality or waterpark, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you’re part of a much larger industry, one that touches millions of people every day and contributes billions to the economy.