Other stories by Gary Thill

  • Something to Talk About

    It started with a single news story

  • Image Conscious

    Back when I was a newspaper reporter, I always dreaded the phone calls I’d receive when a controversial story appeared with my byline. However, I quickly learned it…

  • Training Daze

    Fractured skulls, amputated feet and bruised vertebrae. Not exactly the stuff of waterpark promotional brochures, but they all happened on water rides in the United States and Canada.

  • Questionable Values

    Not so long ago, the ability to swim was considered a valuable skill in America, so valuable, you couldn’t graduate from many colleges without it

  • Challenging Conventional Wisdom

    History is littered with examples of people mistaking collective wisdom for scientific fact. Probably the most notorious is the flat-earth theory. It took science and research to disprove that notion and show that, in fact, our world is quite the opposite

  • A Matter of Maturity

    In America, 15-year-olds aren’t allowed to do much, at least not legally.

  • The Power 25: Jill White

    You might say that Jill White is an emerging star in the aquatics industry. Her dedication to training lifeguards and teaching aquatic safety led her to start Starfish Aquatics.

  • The Power 25: Esther Williams

    She stood out among the other female swimmers with her long legs and stunning looks. Even after World War II cancelled the 1940 Olympic Games as well as her chances to win gold, Esther Williams continued to shine in the swimming — and cinematic &mda

  • The Power 25: Ruth Sova

    She founded two of the most prominent and influential groups for aquatic exercise and therapy. But to hear Ruth Sova tell it, that was all just dumb luck.

  • The Power 25: Jenny Thompson

    Jenny Thompson is well-decorated. With 12 Olympic medals, including a record eight gold, the 31-year-old from Dover, N.H., is the most decorated female Olympian of all time.