Other stories by Gary Thill

  • The Power 25: Ian Thorpe

    His nickname is the “Thorpedo” and there’s no question about its validity — Ian Thorpe bulleted his way to the top of competitive swimming’s elite, winning more Olympic gold than any other Australian, and has broken world rec

  • The Power 25: Michael Phelps

    Michael Phelps seems like any ordinary teenager. He’s tall, slightly awkward, listens to rap music and quotes lines from his favorite movie, “Austin Powers.”

  • The Power 25

    Our exclusive lineup of today's most influencial aquatics professionals — leaders, executives, icons, athletes, and people on the move. Find out who they are, what they had to say and why they earned a spot on our Power 25.

  • The Power 25: Tom Saldarelli

    If Tom Saldarelli’s business life over the past decade or so were a waterslide, it would make even the most extreme rides look tame. After joining Paragon Aquatics in 1991 as its president, the company was sold to General Aquatics in 1995.

  • The Power 25: Charles Neuman

    Admiring his accomplishments is not what drives Charles Neuman to succeed again and again. “I don’t have a lot of time to reflect,” says the CEO of Water Technology in Beaver Dam, Wis. “I’m always looking forward — I do

  • The Power 25: Bob Ogoreuc

    Bob Ogoreuc (pronounced oh-GER-ic) wants you to know that he feels your pain. He knows that most of you out there are underpaid and undervalued. And it’s time for a change.

  • The Power 25: Alison Osinski

    Having seen the worst in the industry, Alison Osinski is in a unique position to bring out its best.

  • The Power 25: George Millay

    With an eyepatch covering his right eye, which was lost to cancer, these days George Millay looks like a pirate and a professional all in one, ruling the water world with his innovations and theme parks.

  • The Power 25: Fu Mingxia

    She was 11 when she tumbled off a platform into first place at the 1990 Goodwill Games; 12 years old when she became the youngest diver to win gold at the World Swimming Championships.

  • The Power 25: Tom Lachocki

    Ask Tom Lachocki how the world works, and he’s likely to explain it in terms of chemical equations and bonds and ions that can leave you scratching your head.