Other stories by Penny Peavler

  • It List: Theming: Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Orlando, Fla.

    Opened more than 20 years ago, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon still offers timeless, island-style fun in a highly themed environment. Attractions — including slides, pools and a water coaster — take center stage, but the details make Typhoon Lagoon a truly special plac

  • Owning Originality

    Owners of the Metropolis Resort, which opened in 2009, have gone way outside the box when it comes to theming the 28,000-square-foot Chaos indoor waterpark

  • Riding the Current

    Theming has come of age. As the two- and three-dimensional storytelling vehicle for a facility, themes have always been about escapism, whimsy, fancy and the far-fetched

  • Aspirations of Authenticity

    When ground breaks for a new Caribbean-themed waterpark project this spring, project director Jim Hale will already have a good sense of how he’s going to bring a tropical escape to the Pacific Northwest

  • Going Local

    Jay Peak is one of Vermont’s premier ski resorts