Other stories by Rebecca Robledo

  • Week Left to Submit MAHC Suggestions

    The second edition of the Model Aquatic Health Code is already underway.

  • Athlete Protection: A Voice for Victims

    A former competitive swimmer works to spare young athletes the pain she suffered

  • AI Hosts Awards Breakfast at AOAP Event

    Aquatics International is slated to hold its first awards breakfast at the Association of Aquatics Professionals’ Annual Conference and Exposition.

  • Best of Aquatics 2014: Training

    Emergency enactments involving players throughout the city help build confidence

  • Best of Aquatics 2014: Training

    Strict training schedules and home made aids help reinforce skills for the pool and life

  • MAHC is Now Available

    Nearly 10 years in the making, the first federal Model Aquatic Heath Code has been officially released.

  • Introducing the 2014 Dream Designs

    Take your seat and behold the best in aquatics design

  • Witnessing a New Era

    This year's Dream Designs honorees show that designers can accomplish all the practical goals of aquatics while creating a thing of beauty

  • Desert Oasis

    A center accomplishes its mission of providing local underprivileged children a sense of place, with a desert-themed aquatic facility that has plenty of play features, along with amenities appealing to local seniors

  • Seaside Escape

    With toned-down theming to evoke a seaside resort, this complex retains an elegance that is wholly appropriate for the athletic club, while paying ample space and attention to all ages