Other stories by Rebecca%20Robledo

  • A New Beginning

    A center built in the aftermath of a horrendous tornado pays tribute to local history

  • Honoring Tradition

    This aquatic complex adds an element of fun while maintaining the elegance a long-standing Orlando hotel and resort

  • A City Welcoming

    With a child spraypad and captivating set of waterfalls, Cincinnati’s Smale Riverfront Park introduces visitors to the heart of the city

  • Amenities For All

    In addition to packing in the features, this facility is stunning in its clean colors and forms

  • From Chill to Thrill

    This Thai gem features attractions for all ages with an interesting use of social media that enhances guest experiences

  • Tropical Desert

    The Tower of Poseidon at Atlantis the Palm Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai, UAE, is showcased in the 2014 Dream Designs package.

  • Sandals Entrapment Lawsuit Settled

    The defendants included pool manufacturers and distributors

  • USA Swimming Head Apologizes

    On the heels of having an honor rescinded, Executive Director Chuck Wielgus apologizes to victims of childhood sexual abuse.

  • Pool Urination Study Causes Media Flurry

    A study that highlights the health risks of urine in swimming pools has received a lot of media attention -- much of it leaving out an important point

  • Public Comments Being Taken for MAHC

    The CDC has released its last working draft of the Model Aquatic Health Code for public comment.