Other stories by Rin-Rin Yu

  • Emerging Technology: Drinking It In

    You still can?t drink swimming pool water, but it?s becoming a lot closer to the water from the kitchen sink.

  • Study Reveals How Much Water Swimmers Ingest

    Children swallow twice as much water as adults, and swimmers are more likely to ingest water in a pool than a natural body of water, according to a recent study by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

  • German Study Links Chloramine Exposure to Hay Fever

    Yet another study showing a connection between chlorine byproducts and respiratory issues has been released, this one linking the chloramine exposure to hay fever.

  • EPA Approves New Crypto Filtration Application

    The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a new flocculation process that effectively filters cryptosporidium out of pool water.

  • The Year In Review

    New codes and emerging health issues seemed to be the theme of aquatics news in ?06.

  • Waterpark Resorts Conference Receives High Marks

    More than 170 key players in the hotel and waterpark industries connected at the launch of the Waterpark Resorts Leadership & Development Conference Nov. 28 at the Las Vegas Hilton.

  • NSPF Launches Online Training Center

    Hoping to reach the busy aquatics professional, the National Swimming Pool Foundation recently launched an online training center that lets operators do part of their certification over the Internet.

  • Off the Deep End

    In evolution, animals migrated from the water to land. In team sports, the opposite appears to be happening.

  • Drowning Settled for $2.25 M

    The family of a toddler who drowned at a Decatur, Ga., apartment complex will receive a $2.25 million settlement from the owner.

  • ASTM Water Slide Standard Finalized

    After years of inconsistent and out-of-date codes, a new standard for water slides is available to aquatics facilities and health departments around the nation.