Other stories by Rin-rin Yu

  • Seeing the Light

    Jim Monks used to lose a lot of sleep over his smelly pool.

  • Cooking Up Changes

    Chef Wally Jurusz is proud of  his latest kitchen creations

  • Profiles in Reinvention

    Ever since the 1980s, the school district of Yuma Union High School wanted to add a swimming pool for its competitive team and physical education classes

  • Profiles in Reinvention

    In a community where child obesity, asthma and diabetes are on the rise, it’s no wonder citizens shunned the aging swimming pool and demanded a new one

  • Profiles in Reinvention

    Before a city was even built, there existed a Recreation & Park District in the Conejo Valley north of Los Angeles.

  • Profiles in Reinvention

    Mobilizing a grand project such as a new swimming pool in a small town like Pittsfield, Maine, requires a citizens’ grass-roots effort.

  • Profiles in Reinvention

    The following facilities got creative to ensure that their communities' aquatic needs were met — while staying mindful of budgets and other vital concerns:

  • Profiles in Reinvention

    When the county of Spartanburg, S.C., passed a local hospitality tax for the purpose of building more recreation for its residents, the city of Duncan jumped on board. It secured a note to finance an aquatics center and citizens embraced the idea immediately

  • Casting a Wide Net

    Nickelodeon Family Suites in Orlando, Fla., often saw numerous people come by its Web site and transition from site visitors to hotel visitors

  • Navigating Other Sites

    With the interactivity of the Web comes the risk involved with free speech: guest critiques