Other stories by Rin-rin Yu

  • New Light Shed on UV Systems

    Recent research has shown that medium-pressure ultraviolet lights may be superior at eradicating recreational water illnesses.

  • City Slickers

    For several trend-setting cities, waterparks are this season’s new must-haves.

  • New UV Code Causes N.Y. Sprayparks to Shut Down

    A number of sprayparks in the state of New York did not open this summer due to the controversial — and costly — emergency health code requiring ultraviolet disinfection systems.

  • Crossing the Great Wall in standards

    While the aquatics industry is examining the health of the Chinese pool market

  • A building of bubbles

    The Water Cube

  • Golden Opportunity

    A mid the bustle of Tiananmen Square is a semitrailer-sized digital sign that once counted down the seconds before Hong Kong’s return to China

  • Going for Therapy

    In 1976, the employees of Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Center in Seattle decided to build a pool for sick and disabled youngsters, and crank the water temperature up to a comfortable 93 degrees

  • Industry Funds Hot Tub Research

    A new industry-sponsored research study is under way to determine the health benefits of soaking in warm water.

  • Making the Grade

    For many aquatics professionals, schools are the equivalent of a gold mine they can never quite reach…

  • Aquatics in Schools: A Major Trend

    Universities always encourage students to apply their higher learning to real-world situations.