Other stories by Tara Eggleston

  • Climbing Higher

    When I started writing this column, I did so out of my love for aquatics, the growing need to increase awareness within our industry, and to inspire aquatics managers to improve minority participation.

  • Call to Action

    As aquatics management professionals, we constantly work to prevent injuries and drowning by participating in frequent trainings, practicing our rescue skills and response, and reviewing emergency preparedness procedures and action plans with our staffs.

  • Statistically Significant

    Math, numbers and statistics were never my forte

  • The Color of Victory

    By the time you read this, I know some of your excitement about the 2012 Olympic Games may have fizzled out

  • Follow the Leaders

    We know that engaging minority groups in aquatics programs is a national issue, but how can we help reduce the drowning and water-related injury statistics among these groups?

  • The Right Mix

    We have worked very hard to provide aquatic leadership that is reflective of our diverse community.

  • Home Team

    The last column highlighted the use of national programs and partnerships to increase minority participation in your aquatics programs.

  • Local Flavor

    We all know the latest national statistics regarding the lack of swimming ability and participation in aquatics programs in the African-American and Hispanic communities