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  • Outbreak Spawns Class Action Lawsuit

    A class action lawsuit has been filed in the state of New York,potentially involving as many as 2,700 people who allegedly weresickened from a 2008 norovirus outbreak at the Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterparkin Queensbury

  • Studies Linking Pools, Asthma ‘Flawed’

    The Belgian Superior Health Council has concluded that a series of studies published by a team of Belgian researchers does not provide clear evidence that swimming in chlorinated pools poses an asthma risk.

  • Study Shows Swimming Improves Vascular Function

    New research shows that regular swimming exercise can improve vascular health and lower blood pressure.

  • Red Cross Cuts Swim Fees

    Responding to months of criticism over increased learn-to-swim fees, the American Red Cross announced Tuesday it will significantly reduce those costs.

  • What Will It Cost You?

  • Additional Discounts

    On the heels of the revised Red Cross pricing for swim lessons, the National Recreation and Park Associationhas announced two other savings options available with other providers to its members.

  • Get with the Program

    When the city of Monterey Calif., opened Monterey Sports Centerin 1992, it was very much a typical family aquatics center, geared toward recreation, leisure and swim lessons, says William Rothschild, fitness manager. 

  • Beyond Leisure 

    Here’s a look at how you can use typical elements of a leisure pool to bring health and wellness to your facility.

  • 5 Ways to Pump Up Your Programming

    So you’ve decided you’re ready to offer health and programming at your leisure facility. Next you need practical ideas to get you there. Here are five operator-tested strategies to pump things up — for you and your facility.

  • Larissa Rodriguez

    Larissa Rodriguez only learned to swim last year at age 40, and now she’s making waves across the aquatics industry