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  • In Memoriam: Three Aquatics Coaches Pass Away

    Olympic swimmer/coach Jack Nelson, former UC Berkeley coach Karl Mohr, and Ferrum College coach Tom Calomeris all passed away in early November.

  • Study Points to Pools Out of Compliance

    Health inspectors nationwide were polled to detemine most common pool violations

  • State of the Industry: HMAC

    Why HMAC aquatics facilities are giving the industry a bad name and what can be done to change it

  • New Petition Alleges Chlorine Dumping

    Arch Chemicals alleges that the increase of cheaper Chinese calcium hypochlorite is hurting its business; the U.S. Commerce Dept. and the ITC have opened investigations

  • Here Comes MAHC

    Why are we seeing federal aquatic codes from the CDC?

  • 2013 Virtual Conference: Overcoming Obstacles

    Replay the Aquatics International Virtual Conference to learn tips to successfully clear facility management hurdles

  • Dr. John Hunsucker

    Since founding the National Aquatic Safety Co. in 1974, Dr. Hunsucker has grown the Ellijay, Ga.-based organization from a humble beginning of inspecting pools and offering training to its role today as one of the largest lifeguard certification firms in

  • Jill White

    An alum of Ellis & Associates, Jill White has made her own name in the water safety field with Starfish Aquatics Institute, the Savannah, Ga.-based firm she founded with husband Robbin White in 1999.

  • Blackout Victims

    It was just supposed to be some fun and exercise the afternoon that Drew Brislen, 40, went out free diving in the Pacific Ocean off Picnic Beach, which is part of Laguna Beach, Calif.

  • Swimmer’s Ear Costs Half a Billion

    Swimmer’s ear costs nearly $500 million in annual health care costs and accounts for close to 2.4 million in doctor visits annually, according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.