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  • Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse

    Statute of limitations reform has become a key strategy for nabbing child molesters and the institutions that harbor them

  • Las Vegas Waterpark a Big Hit

    The $40 million Wet 'n' Wild waterpark opened in Las Vegas -- 10 years after the last public waterpark closed.

  • Running in Water

    Zero-depth entry pools provide unique challenges for lifeguards

  • USA Swimming Attracts More Controversy

    By hiring a lobbyist to oppose a California bill addressing childhood sexual abuse, swimming's national governing body has garnered unfavorable comments

  • A Tribute to Esther Williams

    A look at the extraordinary life of swimming legend Esther Williams (1921-2013).

  • ‘Lifeguards Gone Wild’ Video Gets 14 Fired

    At least a dozen California lifeguards are receiving more attention than they anticipated, and so is their employer, the city of El Monte, Calif.

  • California Lawmakers Strike Down Pool Bill

    California lawmakers have struck down AB 1726, a public health bill which would have required that public swimming pools be operated by a qualified (certified) pool operator.

  • USA Swimming Must Turn Over Sex Abuse Complaints

    Courts in California and Washington have decided in favor of swimmers alleging they were sexually abused by their former coaches.

  • Sex Abusers Trigger Tougher Legislation

    Legislation to ban confidential lawsuit settlements involving allegations of child sexual abuse, and lengthen the statute of limitations for victims to file civil actions, has been introduced in California.

  • Pushing for Gold 

    Between training for Olympic trials, a recent engagement to fellow swimmer Dominik Meichtry, and activity in water conservation campaigns, 25-year old Jessica Hardy has her hands full.