More stories about Salt Lake City, UT

  • Las Vegas Waterpark a Big Hit

    The $40 million Wet 'n' Wild waterpark opened in Las Vegas -- 10 years after the last public waterpark closed.

  • Report: Crypto Education Works

    Health officials are heralding a new report that analyzes a widespread Utah RWI outbreak as offering key lessons to avoid future incidents.

  • Terri Smith

    Through her work as an aquatic designer and president-elect of the Association of Aquatic Professionals, Terri Smith is bringing her extensive professional aquatics background to a national audience

  • Facing the Enemy

    How often do you see dry swimmers entering your pool? Until two years ago, that was a regular occurrence at South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful,Utah

  • Seeing the Threat

    In July 2007, Salt Lake Valley aquatics operators thought they were looking at a banner year.

  • Crypto-Weary Utah Proposes Strict Codes

    Hoping to prevent a repeat of the record cryptosporidium outbreaks of last summer, Utah health officials are proposing tough new rules.

  • Utah Bans Tots From Pools

    Following an unprecedented outbreak of cryptosporidium around Salt Lake City, Utah health officials took the extraordinary measure of banning children under age 5 from public pools, including gyms and apartment buildings.

  • Letter from Salt Lake City, Utah

    The pool at the YWCA of Salt Lake City was built in 1919. It is the oldest indoor pool in Utah.