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  • Reduce Natatorium Noise

    Get noise to take a dive with acoustic absorption panels

  • Fostering Automaticity

    This training helps new and returning lifeguards gel into a team

  • Change Is Good

    A shift to lifeguards being proactive instead of reactive decreased the number of patron complaints

  • Fear vs. Swimming

    The fear of water should be approached as a distinct issue. It doesn't automatically go away with typical swimming lessons.

  • ORP Control

    The key to understanding ORP is behind the wheel

  • Pushing Realism

    The benefits of using children in rescue drills

  • Judgment Call

    Managers realize they must teach their lifeguards critical thinking skills for emergency situations

  • Drowning Prevention Around the World

    Starfish Aquatics Institute partners to promote water safety

  • Choke Points

    Lifeguard drills for vital airway obstruction emergencies

  • Welcome Home

    An aquatics manager recognizes the importance of reconnecting with staff after a long absence