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  • Goodbye, Hello

    I’ve written a lot of columns in my nearly 10 years as editor of

  • Built on Evidence

    The goal of the Model Aquatic Health Code is to codify scientifically proven data in the aquatics industry.

  • VGBA DéjàVu

    Lately, I’ve been having a serious case of déjà vu, that uncanny, eerie feeling that you’ve been there before.

  • Rx for Aquatic Health

    As a physician and aquatic researcher, I have seen firsthand the absolutely amazing effects that water can have in recovering and promoting health across the age span and across many, many clinical situations.

  • The Aquatics X Factor

    The email came with an air of desperation, but also, it turns out, the seeds of inspiration.

  • On Guard? 

    Imagine the worst case scenario at an aquatics facility. If you’re like most professionals, that probably ends with a drowning death

  • The Recall: Really!?!

    That’s the name of a popular “Saturday Night Live” skit in which “anchor” Seth Meyers reports the latest news of the day with incredulous skepticism and disgust.

  • Stop the Smear

    Even before I became editor of

  • Nothing But Air

    Have you ever calculated how much urine and sweat are in the average pool? The number might surprise you.

  • Clean Up VGB

    Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act.