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  • And the Winner Is...

    Each year, the American Business Media organization singles out an editor whose work “displays courage, integrity and passion

  • More Powerful than Oprah

    Americans, myself included, tend to be focused on what’s become known as The Homeland. One indication of this shortsightedness is our gross geographic ignorance.

  • Training Required

    Operators are the heart of any aquatics facility.

  • Up to Code

    Have you ever worked at a public pool and felt a degree of panic not knowing if your pool was in compliance with the requirements of public health code?

  • Hero with a Thousand Faces

    He actually ran toward the bullets

  • Five to Watch

    New Year prognostications aren’t for the timid. Invariably, the predictor ends up looking ridiculous when the forecasts don’t come to pass

  • Clarifying the Code 

    In the United States, there is no federal regulatory authority for disinfected recreational venues; all pool codes are developed, reviewed and approved by state and/or local public health officials.

  • VGB x 1,000?

    For the aquatics industry, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act confirmed the worst fears about government regulation: It was carelessly crafted, poorly communicated, arbitrarily enforced and blindly implemented.

  • Happy Dance

    Turns out the Great Recession, as some are now calling it, actually may make aquatics, and waterparks in particular, happy.

  • Education for Life

    When it comes to aquatics education, there’s certainly no shortage of providers.