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  • Success and Safety

    Sometimes an issue of the magazine develops an unintended theme.

  • Talkin' About an Evolution

    You hold in your hands the product of evolution. Like all evolutions, this one started out simple, the conceptual equivalent of a gelatinous, single-celled organism.

  • It's in the Water

    Some time ago, I wrenched my back just before a big trip. As the physical therapist mercilessly ground her fist into my lower back, she warned me that long airplane trips would stiffen my spine significantly and that I should prepare for more pain. Though

  • And the Winner Is...

    Since getting to know so many of you as editor of this magazine, I have been unendingly impressed with the level of caring, professionalism and passion you put into your work and the advancement of aquatics.

  • Labors of Love

    At my very first journalism class, the professor put it in plain terms: Anyone who wanted to make money was in the wrong major.

  • Winning Outlook

    When you work for a municipality or waterpark, it’s sometimes easy to forget that you’re part of a much larger industry, one that touches millions of people every day and contributes billions to the economy.

  • Power Erupts

    When you think of powerful people, you usually think of their ability to make things happen, get things done, and influence others.

  • Industry Resolve

    After the tree is put out to the curb and you’ve finally recovered from that New Year’s bender, it’s tempting to look back and feel as if another year has slipped away, leaving you in the same old place you were 365 days ago.

  • Something to Talk About

    It started with a single news story

  • Image Conscious

    Back when I was a newspaper reporter, I always dreaded the phone calls I’d receive when a controversial story appeared with my byline. However, I quickly learned it…