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    A self-described “lifer” in the sport of swimming, Kim O'Shea is a woman on a mission with “oodles of potential

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    In the world of aquatics,Michael Phelps needs no introduction

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    To understand just how far the aquatics industry has come in the past 40 years, look no further than Johnny Johnson, owner of Blue Buoy Swim School in Tustin, Calif

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    When Sue and Mick Nelson married, they each gained a partner, but the aquatics industry gained much more

  • Josef Haas

    I have the distinct responsibility of driving revenue and overseeing expenses

  • Connie Harvey

    Connie Harvey never dreamt the Red Cross swim lessons she was enrolled in as a child would be the springboard to a career

  • Jeff Janovich

    If your favorite waterpark ride wasn’t created directly by ProSlide Technology, there’s a good chance its conception was influenced by something that ProSlide developed

  • Mike Espino

    Aquatic safety would not be quite what it is today without Aquatic safety would not be quite what it is today without Mike Espino

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    You could say Roy Fielding is taking the family business to a new level