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  • Sung Choe

    Until Sung Choe became part of the recreational water program at NSF International in 2004, he had very little to do with aquatics

  • Keepers of the Code

    The Model Aquatic Health Code is coming

  • James Amburgey, Ph.D.

    One of the leading researchers working to understand how to prevent recreational water illnesses, Dr. James Amburgey was a natural fit to lead the Recirculation Systems and Filtration Technical Committee for the Model Aquatic Health Code project

  • Michael Beach, Ph.D.

    Anyone in aquatics who doesn’t already know the name Dr. Michael Beach soon will

  • Power Company: Poseidon

    With the Poseidon drowning detection system, aquatics has truly entered the age of technology

  • Power Company: Weber Group, LLC

    When brothers Tom and Donny Weber started a design-build firm in 1983, they never anticipated the effect they would have on the aquatics industry

  • Power Company: Aquatic Safety Research Group

    Dr. Tom Griffiths formed his consulting business, Aquatic Safety Research Group, to enhance safety and risk management in the industry

  • Power Company: Jeff Ellis & Associates

    Before 1983, when Jeff Ellis started his company, virtually the only lifeguard-training program was the Red Cross course

  • Power Company: Neptune-Benson

    For more than 50 years, Neptune-Benson Inc. has been a family-run leader in the aquatics industry

  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz

    Future generations of children might not learn the name of U.S