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  • Colleen Maitoza

    You won’t find many environmental health professionals as dedicated to aquatics as Colleen Maitoza

  • Ellen Meyer

    For most people, chemistry is just another class they took in high school, but Ellen Meyer sees it as much more

  • Franceen Gonzales

    Franceen Gonzales was proud when Great Wolf Lodge opened in Mason, Ohio, in 2006. She was the corporate director of aquatics at Madison, Wis.-based Great Wolf Resorts, overseeing operations and maintenance of the company’s nine waterparks.

  • Frank Guido

    As assistant Commissioner at the Westchester County (N.Y.) Bureau of Public Health Protection, Frank Guido was responsible for 600 public pools and more than 40 public bathing beaches

  • Joe Hunsaker

    Joe Hunsaker has spent a lifetime making his mark in aquatics, first as a national level competitive swimmer, and later as a founder of one of the nation’s leading aquatic design firms, Counsilman-Hunsaker

  • Jim Dingman

    He’s never held a political office, but you can still call Jim Dingman a rule maker

  • Amy Duck

    Growing up, Amy Duck was probably not one of the kids you’realways reminding to stop running on the pool deck or attempting a dive into water that’s way too shallow

  • Jim Dunn

    Jim Dunn has seen quite a revolution in waterparks since he started at Aquatic Development Group in 1987

  • Chip Cleary

    If life had worked out differently for Chip Cleary, he might be in Hollywood now, engineering the lighting for the next big film or TV hit

  • Ralph Cordell

    Ralph Cordell is a man who sweats the small stuff. As the CDC team lead in the Career Paths to Public Health Program, part of the Science Education and Professional Development Program Office, he has built a career working on infectious diseases and their