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  • Chip Cleary

    If life had worked out differently for Chip Cleary, he might be in Hollywood now, engineering the lighting for the next big film or TV hit

  • Ralph Cordell

    Ralph Cordell is a man who sweats the small stuff. As the CDC team lead in the Career Paths to Public Health Program, part of the Science Education and Professional Development Program Office, he has built a career working on infectious diseases and their

  • Tracynda Davis

    As a student studying genetic counseling at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Tracynda Davis lived through what became the largest waterborne illness outbreak in U.S. history

  • Michael Beatty

    Michael Beatty got his start in aquatics 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, literally.

  • Dennis Berkshire

    Aquatics was a seasonal gig that turned into a career for Dennis Berkshire

  • Sung Choe

    Until Sung Choe became part of the recreational water program at NSF International in 2004, he had very little to do with aquatics

  • Keepers of the Code

    The Model Aquatic Health Code is coming

  • James Amburgey, Ph.D.

    One of the leading researchers working to understand how to prevent recreational water illnesses, Dr. James Amburgey was a natural fit to lead the Recirculation Systems and Filtration Technical Committee for the Model Aquatic Health Code project

  • Michael Beach, Ph.D.

    Anyone in aquatics who doesn’t already know the name Dr. Michael Beach soon will

  • Power Company: Poseidon

    With the Poseidon drowning detection system, aquatics has truly entered the age of technology