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  • Six PLEAs for Patrons

    To help keep bugs such as crypto out of the water, here’s what the CDC recommends for pool patrons. More information and downloadable materials are available online from the CDC, to help you inform swimmers.

  • Facing the Enemy

    How often do you see dry swimmers entering your pool? Until two years ago, that was a regular occurrence at South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful,Utah

  • Crypto Control: Action Plan

    It’s vital that pool operators develop action plans to respond immediately if health officials announce an outbreak or increase in…

  • Crypto Control: The Media

    is making headlines and if there’s an outbreak in your area, it’s very likely you’ll be receiving calls from reporters.

  • Crypto Control: Patrons

    If a crypto outbreak or a significant increase in cases is reported in your area, expect to field a barrage of inquiries from patrons, whether crypto has been linked to your pool or not.

  • Cross Contamination

    It wasn’t until the health inspector started putting on a hazmat suit that it really hit me: This was not just another fecal contamination.

  • Recession Proof?

    Layoffs. Salary freezes. Expansion plans derailed. Aquatics operators are dealing with it all in light of the current economic downturn

  • Overcoming the Odds

    State budget shortfalls don’t necessarily spell doom for aquatics centers, which are seen as providing a valuable — and usually affordable — recreation resource to communities.

  • Lessons from the Private Sector

    The weak economy isn’t just affecting public pool facilities.

  • Crunch Time

    Ben Goldstein had a rude awakening last year when his budget for part-time summer labor at the Gypsum Recreation Center was slashed by nearly 30 percent.