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  • Crypto Epidemiology

    According to experts at the Centers for Disease Control, crypto can be spread by…

  • Seeing the Threat

    In July 2007, Salt Lake Valley aquatics operators thought they were looking at a banner year.

  • Power 25

    The current economic crisis is likely to shape much of what happens in 2009. We?ve asked past Power 25 honorees to weigh in on how it might affect aquatics and what professionals can do to weather the storm.

  • Powerful Forces

    Twenty miles? 200 miles? 2,000 miles? Wall Street may be a long way from your facility, but with the current economic situation, financial issues have come much closer to home for many aquatics professionals.


    Are the following statements about crypto fact or fiction? To test your knowledge, mark True or False and see how well you score

  • Readers Reminisce

    I was hired by the San Diego Lifeguard Service [in Southern California] as a beach lifeguard in 1979.

  • Gold Rush

    What inspired your passion for aquatics? If you’re like many in the industry, you probably said, “The Olympics.” Every four years the world gathers to celebrate the spirit of competition, patriotism and sportsmanship — and this sum


    Who will be enforcing the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act?

  • Spraypark types

    These systems work like any tap-water faucet taking in clean water from a source and cycling it through the play structure and out into a sewage drain

  • RWI risk factors

    They’re a great addition to any aquatic recreation mix, but even though spraypads don’t have standing water, there are several factors that make them an RWI risk.