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  • Danger zones

    Spray cannons and other splashpad amenities are designed to shoot water into kids’ faces. While fun, this also encourages swallowing of water, which leads to RWIs if the water is improperly treated.

  • Regulatory model

    New York was the first to implement specific codes for sprayparks, and now other state and local agencies are looking toward the Empire State as an example.

  • Infectious Fun?

    Back in 2005, when Dallas installed the first of seven sprayparks, Jerry Foote knew next to nothing about them.

  • Need for Speed

    When talented, motivated, well-prepared athletes start achieving faster-than-predicated times, the venue in which it happens develops a reputation as a “fast” pool.

  • Athletic Training & Fast Pools

    Before aquatic athletes compete, the training regimen that precedes an outstanding performance must be appreciated.

  • Pool School

    Teaching swimming has always been a popular way for aquatics professionals to augment personal income or a facility’s revenue stream.

  • Healing Waters

    It doesn’t take long to notice that people in pools are having fun.

  • Everyone in the Pool

    In designing a pool facility, Scott Hester has a lot to consider.

  • Opening Season

    With summer just around the corner, facilities across the country are busy brushing off the winter dust in preparation for swim season

  • Exercise Your Options

    Her whole life, Dorothy Hamilton feared going into the water.