More stories about History

  • Letter from Garfield, N.J.

    Tomahawk Lake Waterpark celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2002. It’s been quite a journey.

  • Letter from Kalispell, Mont.

    The city of Kalispell’s Bruckhauser Pool, completed in 1937, will see its last swim season in 2003.

  • Letter from Elgin, Ill.

    When attorney William Wing bequeathed 121 acres of wooded farmland to Elgin, Ill., in 1902, the community of more than 20,000 had no swimming pool.

  • Letter from West Palm Beach, Fla.

    The Holmes family in the Palm Beaches area has long been involved in aquatics, beginning with Capt. Lincoln Holmes, a boat builder who came to West Palm Beach in 1895 from Long Island, N.Y.

  • Letter from Givens Hot Springs, Idaho

    When thinking of aquatics, no history of the subject would be complete without mentioning hot springs

  • Letter from Milwaukee, Wis.

    The days were golden — sun, water, sand … and a raft. I was one lethal kid, guaranteed to hit hard and hit fast, sending all comers off the raft, flying into the lake. I won most of those King of the Raft games!

  • Letter from Ocala, Fla.

    Sometimes when I tell people everything my dad, Newton Perry, did in his lifetime, they really can’t believe it.

  • Letter from Bolingbrook, Ill.

    Nov. 6, 1982, was a highly anticipated day in the small Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook.

  • Letter from Kendall, Fla.

    South Florida, and the Dave & Mary Alper JCC, have one of the “crown jewels” of the swimming community. Coach Robert Strauss has been in South Florida for over 25 years, since moving from his hometown of Mexico City

  • Letter from Salt Lake City, Utah

    The pool at the YWCA of Salt Lake City was built in 1919. It is the oldest indoor pool in Utah.