More stories about LifeSavers

  • Under Surveillance

    Maintaining constant, meaningful surveillance of patrons as they participate in aquatic activities is a key component of lifeguarding

  • Critical Conditioning 

    You have a well-run aquatic venue.

  • Honor Bound

    A good lifeguard is a responsible lifeguard.

  • Drill, Baby, Dril

    Winter is an excellent season to polish lifeguarding skills and to brush up on some of the more challenging aspects of the job.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    In an age of constant communication, when e-mail and texting have the nation all a-Twitter, communication with members and guests continues to be an area that needs the most improvement. For the most part, the age group that safeguards the guests at…

  • Suspicious Behavior

    Each year, I provide awareness training to new and returning lifeguards to help them become aware of potential sex offenders

  • Losing Focus?

    Recently we conducted a study of nine public pools in North Carolina. It reveals where managers need to focus on accidents, rescues and overall safety in their in-service training.

  • Ready to Serve

    As operators prepare to open for a new season, many are wondering

  • Warning Signs

    Use this chart to recognize high-risk swimmers.

  • Risk Takers

    All lifeguards are taught victim recognition and effective scanning