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  • Training Required

    Operators are the heart of any aquatics facility.

  • Up to Code

    Have you ever worked at a public pool and felt a degree of panic not knowing if your pool was in compliance with the requirements of public health code?

  • Clarifying the Code 

    In the United States, there is no federal regulatory authority for disinfected recreational venues; all pool codes are developed, reviewed and approved by state and/or local public health officials.

  • Green Solutions

    On practically a daily basis during summer 2003, major newspapers in California carried articles citing closures of public swimming pools due to an inability to afford the utility costs, or justify keeping pools open.

  • Fear Factor

    Should you teach adults to swim, or is it more important to teach children? To answer that question, consider this: Nearly half of American adults can’t swim in deep-water pools.

  • Five Circles Teaching Method

    Here’s a look at the five circles of consciousness that swimmers go through when they’re in the water, and how instructors can use those circles to teach.

  • How Fear Affects Learning

    If adults have tried lessons and haven’t learned to swim, they are almost certainly afraid in water and lessons have not addressed the fear effectively.

  • Be Like Mike

    Watching Michael Phelps win a history-making eight gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics was a once-in-a-lifetime event on a world stage.

  • Municipal Spas?

    Modern businesses typically choose communities with cultural and recreational amenities that allows them to attract and retain a well-educated workforce.

  • Watered Down: ONE

    Many aquatics professionals are hearing reports about swim meets where athletes have to queue up in the hallway because the natatorium air is too polluted to breathe.