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  • Watered Down: TWO

    Many aquatics professionals are hearing reports about swim meets where athletes have to queue up in the hallway because the natatorium air is too polluted to breathe.

  • Crowd Control

    On many ocean beaches, and a few freshwater beaches, a special event or summer holiday is responsible for attracting enormous crowds of mostly inexperienced swimmers.

  • Public Watchdogs

    The 2007 swim season has nearly closed and the following question arises: What important issues are public health officials focusing on for the future? Cryptosporidium’s chlorine resistance has resulted in its emergence as the leading cause of diarrheal i

  • Traumatic Experiences

    For years, aquatics professionals have been wrestling with questions about availability and use of life-support devices and techniques, including automatic electronic defibrillators, bag valve masks, suction devices, oxygen, artificial respiration and CPR

  • Workin' for the Weekend

    Like many leisure pursuits, most aquatics activities take place outside of banker’s hours (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).