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  • States Enact More Stringent Spraypark Regulations

    As sprayparks — and awareness of their potential for recreational water illness — become more prevalent, more and more states are enacting tougher regulations specifically aimed at the facilities.

  • Red Cross Wants to Negotiate Prices

    In the wake of announcing new fees that have rankled many aquatics professionals, the American Red Cross held a special meeting with a group of California aquatics leaders to address concerns and assure them that the organization is willing to be flexible

  • California Seeks Comments on Pool Standards Update

    The California Building Standards Commission has issued a proposed building code for commercial pools and waterparks on behalf of the California Department of Public Health.

  • Kathryn Scott

    “One day I’ll grow up and get a real job.” That’s what Kathryn Scott likes to joke when asked about her work

  • Great Wolf Announces New Deal

    Great Wolf Resorts, Inc. announced recently in a press release that it has signed License and Management Agreements related to the development of a new Great Wolf Lodge resort in Southern California.

  • States Considering New Aquatics-Related Legislation 

    The California Spa & Pool Industry Education Council (SPEC), a lobbying firm, has sponsored A.B. 

  • States Considering New Aquatics-Related Legislation

    The California Spa & Pool Industry Education Council (SPEC), a lobbying firm, has sponsored A.B. 2409 in an attempt to separate pools and spas from the definition of “waterfeature” in the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance.

  • Wave House Sentosa

    Wave House Sentosa is the fourth and newest installation in a chain of Wave Houses that stretches from Durban in South Africa, San Diego in California, to Santiago in Chile.

  • Industry Advocate Launches Campaign to Fight Detrimental Legislation

    The California Spa & Pool Industry Education Council (SPEC), kicked off its 2009-2010 membership campaign last week at the Pool Industry Expo in Monterey, Calif. The SHARK Campaign, described so because of its hard-hitting message…

  • Green Solutions

    On practically a daily basis during summer 2003, major newspapers in California carried articles citing closures of public swimming pools due to an inability to afford the utility costs, or justify keeping pools open.