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    Aquatics International is slated to hold its first awards breakfast at the Association of Aquatics Professionals’ Annual Conference and Exposition.

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    Summit Family Aquatic Center is named a 2014 Best of Aquatics recipient by Aquatics International for marketing

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    Replay the Aquatics International Virtual Conference to learn tips to successfully clear facility management hurdles

  • Budgeting Basics

    For today’s aquatics professionals, good fiscal practices and budgeting skills are essential.

  • Revenue Generators

    Generating new revenue at your aquatics facility is a hard task. Or is it? By simply thinking outside the “pool,” the world opens up to many untapped opportunities.

  • Business Sense:Three

    Here are four areas to consider in looking at an aquatics operation as a business.

  • Get Moving with Mobile

    At the heart of recreation and aquatics is one very basic notion: Before any operation can bring in even $1 of revenue, it must successfully persuade customers to move.

  • Budget Deficits Threaten Public Pools

    As swim season shifts into high gear, it appears public pools areonce again fighting for existence, as communities wrestle with ongoing budget issues.

  • Plan Ahead: Prepare Your Budget

    Finding money for facility upgrades is easier if you plan ahead for them in the operating budget.

  • Palace Entertainment:Four 

    When the recession first hit, cutting spending on upkeep was not an option for James Judy.