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  • Some Facilities Slow to Open This Season

    Bad weather and the federal Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act prevented a number of aquatic venues from opening on time this season

  • Water Gate

    During a warm, sunny winter day, I heard a radio call from my guard at the top of the slide to the guard at the run-out.

  • Dream Teams

    Sometimes it takes awhile for things to sink in

  • Locked Out

    I have been teaching swimming for more than 30 years. I thought I had this swim lesson thing down until a 4-year-old made me realize I still have much to learn.

  • Powerful Promotions

    To beat the recession, some aquatics venues are marketing with an altruistic component.

  • Shades of Gray

    Back when I first joined the ranks of journalism, I firmly believed in the tenet of telling both sides. It was, I was taught, the best way to stay unbiased, to let the reader decide.

  • Fast Forward

    That’s the way we’ve always done it!” “It’s good enough for our little facility!” When it comes to technology, these are common attitudes among overworked, understaffed aquatics operators.

  • Welcome Additions

    Quick … describe your Website.

  • Taking Stock

    Regular auditing of your natatorium, pools, spas, slides, waterfeatures and play elements can help you better meet the needs of your patrons — and operate a safer, cleaner, more efficient aquatics facility.

  • Piecing It Together

    It's the beginning of a new summer and operators have a new chance to “show their stuff” as they open their facilities for the season.