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  • Fear Factor: Facilities Cash in on Holiday Promotions

    By late October temperatures have cooled off, kids are back in school and summer is a distant memory.

  • Pool Operators plagued by Poor Weather

    With record cool summer temperatures, operators down the East Coast and through the Midwest reported decreased attendance for the usually hot months.

  • Jacket Required

    Over the years, I have experienced a great deal of criticism from guests, and even fellow waterpark managers, for our policies requiring life jackets for younger guests.

  • Fast Forward

    That’s the way we’ve always done it!” “It’s good enough for our little facility!” When it comes to technology, these are common attitudes among overworked, understaffed aquatics operators

  • Welcome Additions

    Quick … describe your Website

  • Some Facilities Slow to Open This Season

    Bad weather and the federal Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act prevented a number of aquatic venues from opening on time this season

  • FINA World Championships Roundup

    The FINA World Championships had all eyes focused on Rome this summer as the top aquatic athletes took to the pool

  • NRPA Releases New Data

    How does your agency compare with parks and recreation programs in other cities and states?

  • On the Offensive

    Communities that have faced serious

  • Waterparks Mark Milestones

    As summer 2009 comes to a close, several waterparks are wrapping up momentous seasons