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    After years of neglect brought on by one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression, aquatic facilities are in desperate need of renovation.

  • Half of U.S. Pools Show Poor Water Chemistry

    Almost half of the pools tested through the summer 2011 Healthy Pools campaign showed improper water chemistry

  • New Study Links Pool DBPs to Cancer, Birth Defects

    Pool patrons may risk exposure to a chlorine-byproduct linked with cancer and birth defects, according to new research

  • Asthma Fears Prompt Infant Swimming Warning in Germany

    On the heels of a number of studies linking swimming to respiratory issues, a German agency has become the first to recommend that children younger than 2 years old with a family history of allergies avoid indoor pools.

  • Supply and Demand

    Chlorine demand can be defined as the inability to maintain a chlorine residual.

  • Study Uncovers Link to Asthma, Outdoor Pools

    In what experts believe is the first study linking asthma to outdoor pools, girls who swam in outdoor pools were shown to be at greater risk for asthma, compared to those who swam in indoor pools

  • Ellen Meyer

    For most people, chemistry is just another class they took in high school, but Ellen Meyer sees it as much more

  • Water Quality Quiz

    Aquatics International University's Water Quality Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of water quality issues including water chemistry, maintenance and dealing with emergency situations.

  • Asthma Warning Issued for Swimming Babies

    Parents of infants with a family history of allergies are advised not to take their children to indoor pools, according to a new warning form Germany’s Federal Environment Agency

  • CYA Strength, Consistency Questioned

    Across the nation, it appears more and more pool service technicians are noticing an interesting phenomenon