More stories about Chemicals

  • Breaking Point

    The practice of overapplying chlorine is a serious problem that is leading to negative media coverage for the aquatics industry.

  • Rise in Eye Infections Linked to Swimming Pools

    The Environmental Protection Agency’s mandate to reduce the amount of chemicals used to sanitize public water, including pools, may be the cause behind a recent increase in a rare eye infection among contact lens users, especially swimmers.

  • Put it to the Test

    You may think you’re using the most accurate water-test kit available, but it still can read incorrectly or differently than expected.

  • Air Cleaners

    Almost everyone has experienced the obnoxious chlorine odor and irritating red eyes of a poorly maintained indoor pool. Most assuredly, this is a sign of too much chlorine right?

  • German Study Links Chloramine Exposure to Hay Fever

    Yet another study showing a connection between chlorine byproducts and respiratory issues has been released, this one linking the chloramine exposure to hay fever.

  • Salt Solutions?

    Though facilities have used it for years, saline chlorination, otherwise known as on-site sodium hypochlorite generation or simply chlorine generation, is a little-used technology in the U.S. commercial pool market.

  • Study Questions Pool Test Kit Reliability

    A recent study calls into question the reliability of test kits for water quality testing