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  • Health Experts to Kick-Off RWI Prevention Week

    Marking the start of the summer swim season, next week (May 18-24) is the fifth annual Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week, established to call attention to the problem and focus efforts on prevention.

  • Five Questions for Operators

    When it comes to preventing

  • Six PLEAs for Patrons

    To help keep bugs such as crypto out of the water, here’s what the CDC recommends for pool patrons. More information and downloadable materials are available online from the CDC, to help you inform swimmers.

  • Crypto Control: Patrons

    If a crypto outbreak or a significant increase in cases is reported in your area, expect to field a barrage of inquiries from patrons, whether crypto has been linked to your pool or not.

  • Crypto Control: The Media

    is making headlines and if there’s an outbreak in your area, it’s very likely you’ll be receiving calls from reporters.

  • Cross Contamination

    It wasn’t until the health inspector started putting on a hazmat suit that it really hit me: This was not just another fecal contamination.

  • Crypto Control: Action Plan

    It’s vital that pool operators develop action plans to respond immediately if health officials announce an outbreak or increase in…

  • Crypto Epidemiology

    According to experts at the Centers for Disease Control, crypto can be spread by…


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  • Crypto Outbreaks Appear Across the Nation

    Operators across the nation have closed their pools by now, and for many, autumn could not come soon enough, following several mid- and late-summer crypto outbreaks.