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  • RWI Outbreaks

    Since the birth of Aquatics International 20 years ago, RWIs including cryptosporidium, have become one of the major topics in the pages of the publication. Certainly aquatic parasites have existed for much longer than two decades, but over the past ...

  • Crypto Outbreaks Hit Southwest

    Cryptosporidium outbreaks at the height of swim season have sickened bathers and closed many Southwestern pools and sprayparks.

  • Crypto Proof?

    Cryptosporidium, or crypto as it is often called, has become the leading cause of recreational water illnesses in the United States, according to surveillance reports published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.

  • CDC Posts New Fecal Response Guidelines

    Hoping to address the growing threat of cryptosporidium, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released revised guidelines for diarrheal fecal accident response.

  • Crypto Climbing

    Last year saw some of the worst recreational water illness outbreaks on record.

  • The Crypto Catch

    With recent outbreaks of cryptosporidium across the nation this past year, many operators may be wondering what they can do to protect themselves against this insidious and hard-to-kill bug.

  • Utah Bans Tots From Pools

    Following an unprecedented outbreak of cryptosporidium around Salt Lake City, Utah health officials took the extraordinary measure of banning children under age 5 from public pools, including gyms and apartment buildings.

  • Cryptosporidium Strikes Pools Across Nation

    A recent rash of cryptosporidium outbreaks have hit swimming pools across the country, even one equipped with ultraviolet systems

  • Public Watchdogs

    The 2007 swim season has nearly closed and the following question arises: What important issues are public health officials focusing on for the future? Cryptosporidium’s chlorine resistance has resulted in its emergence as the leading cause of diarrheal i

  • EPA Approves New Crypto Filtration Application

    The Environmental Protection Agency has approved a new flocculation process that effectively filters cryptosporidium out of pool water.