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    Our Dream Facility brings the magical allure of Mediterranean ambiance indoors for an exquisite, yet intimate, social or corporate experience.

  • A building of bubbles

    The Water Cube

  • Cool It Down

    It’s hard to beat the beauty and aesthetics of a glass-enclosed pool or waterpark

  • 2006 Best of Aquatics

    The winners of our eighth annual compeition showcasing the industry's finest facilities.

  • 2005 Dream Facilities

    Set within a dramatic, 40-story glass dome, this facility is designed to be both beautiful and cost effective.

  • Leisure Pool : Two

    In today’s world, the municipal swimming pool is no longer just for teens and tots.

  • Therapy Pool

    This dream therapy pool offers unlimited rehabilitation options in a limited space.

  • Outdoor Waterpark

    At this dream facility, the adventure begins before guests even arrive.

  • Indoor/Outdoor Waterpark Resort

    The adventure begins the moment guests step through the door of this dude ranch-style hotel waterpark resort.

  • Multipurpose Facility

    This multipurpose dream facility is located at the crossroads of three closely-knit cities. Its location, a 15- to 20- minute drive or bus ride from each city, easily attracts large numbers of visitors. The complex is also accessible by bike.