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  • Everyone in the Pool

    In designing a pool facility, Scott Hester has a lot to consider.

  • Let's Play

    Then Carolyn Hamilton was shopping for play structures, she was bombarded with numerous options.

  • On Guard

    Alot of chaos can occur around a play structure.


    Maximizing play value and respecting age-appropriate activity are important elements of any spraypark.

  • 2006 Dream Facilities

    Waterpark Resort

  • Dreams Come True

    It seems only appropriate in our Dream Facilities Issue that I share the fruition of a dream at Aquatics International.


    Our Dream Facility, the Aqua Arcade, combines standard features and cutting-edge technology in new, creative ways


    In our Dream Facility, guests are the happy “victims” of a dramatic shipwreck, washed up on the sunny shores of an isolated tropical island.


    Imagine walking by a peaceful lagoon surrounded by tranquil waterfalls, lush landscapes and positive energy


    A destination attraction can employ one of two business strategies