More stories about Drowning

  • Cohn Entrapment Lawsuit Settled

    The family of a high-profile entrapment victim has settled a wrongful death lawsuit.

  • Diving in

  • Lights! Camera! Action!

    Hollywood's portrayals of drowning are often inaccurate.

  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America and ZAC Foundation form Partnership

    Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the ZAC Foundation have formed a partnership to bring water safety skills and instruction to camps nationwide.

  • Foreign Entrapment Suit to Be Heard in USA

    Resort chain Sandals will be sued in U.S. District Court over an entrapment death that occurred in a Bahamian resort.

  • Hotel Not Held Liable in Drowning

  • Safety Dance

    In the past 25 years, the aquatics industry progressed from addressing basic safety issues to fine-tuning and tackling back-burner-type hazards that had not yet received widespread attention.

  • Dr. John Hunsucker

    Since founding the National Aquatic Safety Co. in 1974, Dr. Hunsucker has grown the Ellijay, Ga.-based organization from a humble beginning of inspecting pools and offering training to its role today as one of the largest lifeguard certification firms in

  • Jill White

    An alum of Ellis & Associates, Jill White has made her own name in the water safety field with Starfish Aquatics Institute, the Savannah, Ga.-based firm she founded with husband Robbin White in 1999.

  • Dr. Jane Katz

    Native New Yorker Dr. Jane Katz learned to swim at the insistence of her father, who prized water safety after nearly drowning himself.