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  • 2012 Courses: Business

    Effective marketing is the art of combining the right message with the right medium in the right way.

  • Budgeting Basics

    For today’s aquatics professionals, good fiscal practices and budgeting skills are essential.

  • Revenue Generators

    Generating new revenue at your aquatics facility is a hard task. Or is it? By simply thinking outside the “pool,” the world opens up to many untapped opportunities.

  • Aquatics Pros Turning to Online Education

    Distance learning is a growing trend showing no signs of stopping.

  • Mary Reilly-Magee

    Mary Reilly-Magee’s mother could not swim, but she was adamant that her children would become proficient

  • Shaun Anderson

    “A multi-tasking role model and advocate who carries a life-saving message and the imperative of diversity into regions and disciplines never before imagined …” Tha ’s how Shaun Anderson was described in front of the U.S. House of

  • SWIMkids, USA

    At SWIMkids USA, the secret to success is small classes, a cutting-edge water-disinfection method and marketing efforts that are helping to make the Mesa, Ariz., facility a household name in the community.

  • Energy Auditing Course to Launch

    A new online course is launching this month, to teach aquatics professionals how to evaluate the energy consumption of pools or spas.

  • Pediatricians Sign on to Swim Lessons

    The Florida Drowning Prevention Task force now has the support of the state’s physicians. Pediatricians will provide education and promote water safety.

  • New Jersey Kids Will Learn to Swim, For Free

    Thanks to USA Swimming, thousands New Jersey kids in Asbury Park, Bayonne, Jersey City, Newark and Plainfield will enjoy free swimming lessons this fall as part of the organization’s efforts to curb drowning amongst minority children.